mAadhaar App Guidelines for Android – { Complete Guide }

mAadhaar App Guidelines

mAdhaar App is an application to check your Adhaar Card Online. It can be used to Issue or Edit your Adhaar Card through your mobile phone. mAdhaar is an remote application which allows its users to access their Identification Profile anywhere they go. Many people search for complete guide of mAadhaar app for android as they are unable to understand what actually this app do and what are the benefits of having it installed in their Android Devices(Currently The Application Is Only Available For Android Users Only, Soon It will be launched for Windows and IOS users as well.)

mAdhaar App Guidelines

mAadhaar App Guidelines
mAadhaar App Guidelines

mAdhaar Is Still In Beta Mode

According to UIDAI the mAdhaar App is still in the BETA Mode which means there might be some bugs and issues with the application till now. But UIDAI has SAID that soon the application will be launched in its full version so that its users can use the application without any interruptions.

mAdhaar App Comes with a unique feature that is Time Based One Time Password (T-OTP) rather than the normal One Time Password (OTP). This service also uses the Norma SMS but the only change is that OTP which comes on your mobile will be valid for bit longer time than usual.

More mAdhaar APK Guidlines

As the application is still in BETA Testing mode. Therefore, many people are not able to Download mAadhaar Apk on their Android Devices through Google Play Store. They can either use any other Android Play Store or else download the app through the mirror link given below.

Problems You Will Face While Using the Application

The major problem with the application that many people face is with receiving or validating T-OTP on their mobile phones through the application. Usually the UIDAI servers give no response on SEND OTP or else the otp sent on your mobile is wrong. There aren’t any solutions available for the application right now but UIDAI has said that with the release of their Full Version of mAdhaar, all the Problems with OTP will be solved.


mAdhaar application is used to represent the steps taken by MODI GOVERNMENT to show the DIGITAL INDIA.

mAdhaar Application is still in the BETA Mode and users are facing many problems with the application. Such as Receiving or Validation of OTP, Unable to create password for the application, and many other.

With reference to UIDAI latest news the application will soon be launched by the month end of AUGUST, 2017.

Also check mAadhaar apk frequently asked questions like how to use mAadhaar apk, where to download etc.

Download mAdhaar Apk for Android Device

mAdhaar Apk download

After a lot of hard work, finally UIDAI has launched its official Profile Identification app for Android named as mAdhaar. But still many people are not able to download mAadhaar android mobile apk. There is only one reason for it that your Android Device is not compatible with the latest version of the application or due to bugs in mAadhaar android mobile app but don’t worry. By following our guide you will be able to Download mAdhaar Apk and use it on your Android Device. On this website you will get complete mAadhaar App Guide which will help you understand this app and its uses.

यहाँ से m Aadhaar Apk Download करे 

m adhaar app download
m adhaar app download

mAdhaar Apk Features

Before we proceed to Download mAadhaar card app let’s see some of the most popular features of the application and reasons why people are so obsessed to Download mAdhaar Apk.

Using mAdhaar Android App on your Android Device is very easy. You can use this app to easily change your Current Registered Address, and Mobile Number within few seconds. You can also use this application for Adhaar Verification at all the places. Now, you don’t need to carry a physical Adhaar Card with yourself, a simple check on the phone can do the same.

►More mAadhaar App Features

How To Use The mAdhaar Card App In The Right Way

Once you download the mAdhaar app on your Android Device then you will be required to input your 16 Digit Adhaar Card Number. If you don’t remember your Adhaar Number then you can also check the same online on the Adhaar Card Website.

Once you enter the Adhaar Card Number in the Application you will see that it will ask you for the otp which it will send to your registered mobile number. After you have successfully verified your Mobile Number, the app will now ask you to set a password for your Adhaar ID so that it remains protected from the users using the application or your mobile phone.

mAdhaar Apk download
Download mAdhaar Apk

After you have set the password for your mAdhaar App you will be able to see the screen guiding you on how you can use the app to change password, and mobile number of your Adhaar ID. after the setup guide ends you will be able to see a interface as given below which means that you have successfully completed the process of setting up your mAdhaar Application. If you still have many question related to this application then please must read our mAadhaar app FAQ’s post.

mAadhaar Apk Download For Android

You can Download mAdhaar App right from Google Play Store but there are many fake apps with the same name which steal your data and distribute to brokers needing them. So, to free download mAadhaar Apk For Android, you can visit any of the apk sites available online or else you can also download mAdhaar Apk For Android if you go down to our article.


mAdhaar Application is only available for Android users but it is said by UIDAI that soon they will launch the application for Windows and as well as IOS users. Within the launch period of 3 Weeks of the application gathered almost 30% of the population of India and got themselves registered on mAdhaar Card App.

In this article we have present a guide on mAadhaar apk download free. If you still face any issue while downloading or using the application. Don’t forget to mention the same in the comments section below.

mAadhaar डाउनलोड करने के लिए निचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करे 



mAadhaar App Apk : Features, Uses, and Latest Buzz

mAadhaar App Apk Features

mAadhaar App is an official Adhaar ID App launched by UIDAI. This app is introduced to eliminate the carrying of your Adhaar Card while traveling or going somewhere. The application also allows its users to edit their details attached with their Adhaar ID. Users of mAadhaar can change their Photo, Current Residential Address, and Current Mobile linked to your Adhaar ID.

mAadhaar App Apk Features

mAdhaar is an application developed in association with Unique Identification Of India (UIDAI). mAdhaar helps its users to carry a paper free identification of their Name, Contact Number, Email, Address along with their photo as linked to their Adhaar ID.

What’s New In mAdhaar APP : Latest News and Updates About mAdhaar App

mAdhaar App has just launched and made a big bang in the Digitalization of India as around 60% of the population has started using the application and slowly the left 40% people are also installing app on their Android Devices.

mAdhaar has introduced more secure way of verifying the data. mAadhaar uses T-OTP (Time Based One Time Password) which is more secure and advanced than the OTP based system.

mAadhaar Mobile App Features & Benefits

There are many feature of the app but we will only describe the mAadhaar Apk Key Features & benefits which you can get on installing the application on your Android Device.

  • Offline Use : Once you have successfully registered on the application then you can save your Adhaar Information on your Mobile which can be used for offline use. Such as verification, and going through your Adhaar ID for checking something.
  • Access Anywhere : Now, you can see you Adhaar Information anywhere and at any time you want to, all you need to do is either download your Adhaar Information for offline use or else you should have an internet connection while connecting to UIDAI server to get your Adhaar ID Details.
  • Locking & Safety Measures : You can also secure your mAdhaar Application with a password other than that your Mobile Phone Lock Screen. All you need to do is go through the settings of your mAdhaar App and click on locking and set password accordingly for your mAdhaar app.
  • Easy Sharing Of Your Adhaar Information : You can use the QR Scanner at any merchants to provide your whole Adhaar Information or else you can also share your password protected eKYC with any retailers to provide them with the exact Adhaar Information registered on your Adhaar ID.

T-OTP : T-OTP is an more secure way of using and managing your OTP send through your SMS. It works as the same but is more secure than that of traditional based OTP system.

Uses Of mAdhaar App

There are various uses of the mAdhaar App as listed below

►►There will be no need to carry Adhaar Card with yourself as your mobile phone would now act as a Adhaar Card for you.

►►Soon it will be used as the Official eKYC form by all the service providers in near future.

►►It helps to update your Adhaar Information linked to your Adhaar ID.


mAdhaar is a Application introduced towards the act of Digital India. This app helps its users to access their Adhaar Information at any place and any time. The users can provide their Adhaar Information at any place with the help of QR Scanner and eKYC document.

If you think we lack at some information and adding some more could help our readers then don’t forget to comment below with the topics to add. 🙂

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mAdhaar APK FAQ’s : How to Use, Where to Download, Uses and Features

mAdhaar APK FAQ's

The mAdhaar App can be used in various ways to reduce your time and costing. You can use the application for Adhaar Card Creation, Editing your Adhaar Information, and Verification process at all the legal place where government verification is required.

If you don’t have the app on your mobile yet but want to know How To Download mAdhaar Apk, then you would be grateful to know that around 60% of the population of India have already registered on the mAdhaar Application and slowly the rest 40% will also fall under the same. You can find the reasons why people are using the App by reading the features of mAadhaar Apk.

mAdhaar APK FAQ's
mAdhaar APK FAQ’s

So, before starting, the very first question which arises in the mind of many people that where to Download mAdhaar App and is it available on Operating System other than that of Android. The answer is very simple and clear that UIDAI has official launched the application for Android Users now but according to them soon it will be available on all type of Mobile Operating Systems.

Where To Download mAdhaar App?

If you’re an Android 4.0 or above user then you can download the application from the Google Play Store else if you are Android users with Android OS lower than 4.0 then you have to download the mAdhaar Apk from the internet and then only you will be able to use the application on your mobile phone. You can also find the download link to app right after the article.

How To Download mAdhaar Apk?

(Only For Android User W/T Android Version Below 4.0)

If you’re an Android user with Android Version Below 4.0 then you have to Download the Application from any of Apk site available on the internet or else you can also grab the apk download link right after the article.

mAdhaar Apk Features and Uses!

Features are the main thing which attracts a user to Download and Use an Application on their Mobile Phone. Before you download any application you should check out the features of the same to understand the functioning of the application.

mAdhaar is a very basic App. You can easily learn the use of the application and understand how it works and what benefits you will get with it.

  • You will not have to carry any external or physical Adhaar Card to show your Adhaar ID at different different places.
  • You can easily change any details of your Adhaar ID using the mAdhaar App. Basically, you can only change your Contact Number, Current registered Address or locality and Photo of your Adhaar Card.
  • You can use the application for verification process of your Age, Name, or anything which is related to your Adhaar Card or ID.

How To Start Using The mAdhaar Application?

Once you’re done with the downloading application on your Mobile Phone then it will ask you for your 16 Digit Adhaar ID which you can find on your Adhaar Card (It will be used for verifying your identity). After entering your Adhaar Id it will automatically send an OTP to your mobile phone for the final step of verification.

Once you have successfully done the verification process it will show you an guide on how you can use the application to change current details of your Adhaar ID.

Once the guide is over you’re all set with your mAdhaar Application and start using the same on your Mobile Phone for various things.

Check guidelines of mAadhaar App Apk


Above we have displayed results for your search results of How To Download mAdhaar App, Where To Download mAdhaar App, How To Use mAdhaar App and Features/Uses of the app.

If you still face any problem in understanding the application then you can comment below.